Too much noise can break your heart

Did you know? Environmental noise is a very present contaminant that constitutes a risk for the health and quality of life of a population. The World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and Social Services, and the Government of Quebec (INSPQ) have all ruled that this is a real health problem, which proves how serious the issue is.

That’s right. Noise pollution can affect cardiovascular health and lead to high blood pressure, angina pectoris, heart attacks and strokes. It’s not for nothing that awareness is so important to us.

Too much noise can affect mental health

It has been shown that noise pollution can generate negative emotional reactions in people who are exposed to it, such as feelings of helplessness, anxiety, irritation, and insomnia, and it can even affect school children’s ability to learn.

Too much noise can damage the ears

Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can lead to tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears, or even hearing loss. One thing’s for sure: the consequences of excessive noise are very real.

Everyone loves Morin-Heights, and we love to have visitors, but the geographical location of the village means a lot of vehicles pass through, which can lead to excessive noise.