The lament of the busy person

You’re driving headlong into trouble

We rush to finish our work. We rush to pick up the kids from daycare. We rush to pack for vacation. We rush to get to the cottage. And then we rush to get back home.

This sense of urgency has us constantly scrambling—even on the roads, where we ignore the speed limits. But is all this rushing around getting us anywhere? To save a few minutes, to avoid missing out on anything, to feed our need for more, more, more… Really, we’re only burning ourselves out at this frantic pace.

Decompression chamber

Hit the brakes to decompress

But how to slow down? When you pre-plan your trips and activities, you can be sure you’ll leave on time and be prepared if anything unexpected happens. As the saying goes: Slow and steady wins the race. You can also use the car ride as an opportunity to decompress, listen to music, enjoy the scenery, chat with your co-pilot, or practice your deep breathing. There’s no better way to start the day—for you and your travel companions!

Enjoy everything Morin-Heights has to offer

And take the scenic route

Right now, you’re on the Laurentian autoroute. The weather’s gorgeous, the scenery’s breathtaking, and the drive is smooth. What’s your hurry? Take your time, enjoy the ride and arrive more relaxed at your destination. Our citizens, our natural environment and everyone else on the road will thank you. We all get along better when we slow down—in our daily life and behind the wheel!

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