The 7 commandments of mutual respect

Changing driving habits on Morin-Heights territory requires education. Sometimes we simply do not realize that our actions have an impact on the community. Here are some best practices to adopt:

Thou shalt not rev your engine

Thou shalt respect speed limits

Thou shalt not show off your new muffler

Thou shalt accelerate gradually

Thou shalt take designated roads

Thou shalt advocate careful driving

Thou shalt respect Morinheighters

Our motorcyclist

Everyone knows that going to Morin-Heights is a real treat. The roads are winding, the paths are beautiful, and the village is magnificent. But can we please agree on a few points? It doesn’t take much to keep us happy. Just avoid revving your engine to test out your new muffler, and please don’t accelerate quickly for no reason at intersections or on hills. It’s that simple. There’s nothing like a bit of mutual respect to create a great relationship.

Our motorist

Plenty of you drive through Morin-Heights, perhaps to go to a neighboring village in Outaouais or maybe simply to admire the beauty of the region. But do you really need to accelerate to reach the top of a hill or drive at high speed to arrive 20 seconds earlier at your cottage? Instead, enjoy the views while passing sedately and quietly by. That way, your journey will sound a lot sweeter to our residents’ ears.

Our trucker

We know that passing through Morin-Heights may be a shorter way to get to your destination, but it’s summer, and residents want to open their windows, hang out their laundry and chat quietly in their yards. Your squealing brakes and powerful engines can spoil the daily lives of people who adore Morin-Heights for its nature and calm. And let’s face it, the heart of the village is not a safe or suitable place for your wheeled giant. So, it would be great if you could do everything possible to reduce your noise impact when you go through our beautiful part of the country.

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