We aim to take action in educating drivers about being careful on roads.

The problem

The roads that pass through Morin-Heights are taken over during the summer by tourists, passers-by, residents and workers, affecting the quality of life of residents. Moreover, as the network crosses the village via four entry points, motorcyclists consider it a resort road. It’s also a direct route to the Outaouais for heavy transport and a necessary route for reaching several towns and villages in the region. The upshot of all this is a lot of traffic.

The initiative

This campaign is an initiative of the Municipality, which invites citizens, motorists, motorcyclists and heavy equipment operators to reflect on their actions’ impact on the tranquillity and well-being of the residents and holidaymakers of Morin-Heights.

This is why the Municipality wants to spread clear, positive and inclusive messages so that both visitors and residents become partners in change, allowing the village to evolve into a healthy and safe environment.

Deployment of a range of components over three years

  • Suggestions for changing driving habits
  • Installation of sound level meters
  • Digital campaigns, targeted communications
  • Municipal road displays
  • Press relations

Why a heart and an ear for logo?

When the quality of life of our fellow citizens is at stake, we listen. Their well-being is important to us, and the quality of life of Morin-Heights residents is at the heart of our concerns. In addition, we now know that hearing noise pollution has an effect on their hearts, hence the heart and ear.

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