Taking yourself for an f1 driver is… 100 decibels

Reducing your speed and the noise that comes with it is a great way to contribute to Morin-Heights citizens’ well-being.

This is why the Municipality has implemented a campaign to raise awareness among citizens and visitors by asking them to undertake small actions that make a big difference on our roads. It’s simple: among other things, you simply have to slow down and stop revving your engine and accelerating suddenly. Also, truck drivers need to respect the ban on using engine brakes.

Too much
noise is

Did you know? Environmental noise is a genuine contaminant that poses a risk to health and quality of life.
The WHO, the MSS and the government of Quebec (INSPQ) have ruled that it is a real health problem, which must mean it’s serious, right?!

Why an

Environmental noise is not just a nuisance or an intolerance problem. Long underestimated and misunderstood, environmental noise is a genuine contaminant and is considered an environmental pollutant. The same goes for excessive speed on roads.

This is why the Municipality of Morin-Heights aims to take action in educating citizens, truck drivers and motorcyclists about being careful on roads.

Welcome to our natural territory!